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MILK & BLOOD - performance in London


Franko B returns to Toynbee Studios to showcase his new solo performance Milk & Blood

Set inside the atmospheric Court Room, a former juvenile court, Franko B faces the fragility of human existence through the metaphor of boxing. 



Internationally recognised as a leading performance artist, Franko B uses his body as a democratic tool to explore notions of the personal, political and poetic, resistance and the transcendence of suffering. Milk & Blood appropriates the aesthetics of boxing for twelve two minute rounds of mental and physical endurance. Exploring pain, eroticism, revulsion, ecstasy and masculinity, the performance becomes a metaphor for social struggle and the fragility of human existence. ‘It is important to me to continue making works that contribute to the society in which I am living. I want to achieve a personal connection with the audience on multiple levels; to encourage people to contemplate their own experiences and vulnerability in a safe, self-contained space.’ - Franko B (2015)

Milk & Blood will tour the UK and internationally.
Schedule to be announced.

For press enquiries, please contact

Milk & Blood is supported by Arts Council England and presented in collaboration with a/political. 
Franko B would like to thank a/political, Lee Steggles, Dawn Manners, Becky Haghpanah-Shirwan, Steve Wald, Thomas Qualmann, Gill Lloyd, The Bureau of Silly Ideas, Gamba Shoes, Hillary Wili and Katie McPhee.

WOOF WOOF I'M BACK !! - video

Interview with Franko B at his exhibition, WOOF WOOF I'M BACK !! at The Mayor's Parlour Gallery, London. February 2015.
Video by Little Red Dots



Più BELLO Quality Store 
via Sandro Pertini,
1/C, 63812 Montegranaro

13th March - 30th May 2015

Franko B presents Marco Cingolani, Antonio De Marini, Rossella Ghezzi, Giorgio Pignotti, Alessio Santoni, Benjamin Strange, Stefano Teodori and Yesenia Trobbiani.

"At Più BELLO Quality Store love to combine artistic expression and individual creativity with the most genuine artisan manufacturing tradition.
After the exclusive collaboration with the artist Franko B to build the project BAD, special edition and limited spaces in industrial vocation containers are made of art, receiving a chorus of different languages ​​that winds from sculpture to photography, video to painting. Are rumors of the territory, gestures of young artistic personalities, selected and presented by the same Franko B, here in the dual role of curator and Dj. The premises of the More BEAUTIFUL Quality Store, Montegranaro, Friday, March 13 will be inaugurated Outside place, collective of eight artists, with cocktail and dj-set from 18:30.

"Al Più BELLO Quality Store amiamo coniugare le espressioni artistiche e la creatività individuale con la più genuina tradizione manifatturiera artigianale. Dopo la collaborazione esclusiva con l'artista Franko B per realizzare il progetto BAD, in edizione speciale e limitata, gli spazi a vocazione industriale si fanno contenitori d'arte, accogliendo un coro di linguaggi diversi che si snoda dalla scultura alla fotografia, dal video alla pittura. Sono voci del territorio, gesti di giovani personalità artistiche, selezionate e presentate dallo stesso Franko B, qui in duplice veste di curatore e Dj. Nei locali del Più BELLO Quality Store, a Montegranaro, Venerdì 13 Marzo sarà inaugurata Fuori Posto, collettiva di otto artisti, con aperitivo e dj-set a partire dalle 18.30. La Vostra presenza sarà particolarmente gradita." Martina Trapè

WOOF WOOF I'M BACK !! - photos

Photographs by David Segal Hull of Franko B's exhibition, WOOF WOOF I'M BACK !! at The Mayor's Parlour Gallery, London, 6th - 27th February 2015.

FAI BENE - review

We've known for his performance-based blood, tattoos and piercings. Then we discovered designer and embroiderer. Today Franko B also explores the world of fashion. With its collection of artist debuts the new brand RRUNA […] [translated from the Italian]

FAI BENE is a 2015 collection by RRUNA, designed in collaboration with Franko B.

WOOF WOOF I'M BACK!! - review

Review by Ellen Turner for Sang Bleu >>>
For the artist whose original work is based on the bloody violation of his own body, Woof Woof I’m Back!! transcends this piercing of the artist’s skin to paper, threading scenes of sex, the everyday and provocative statements with coloured wool on pastel paper, the lines are sensual in their invite to touch. […]

WOOF WOOF I'M BACK is showing at The Mayor's Parlour Gallery until 27th February 2015.

FAI BENE - review

Review by Sofia Celeste in Baco Luxury, February 2015 >>>
Franko B’s unisex collection tells the tale of a troubled past. The sad account is told through several images: the red cross, ambulance, chair, house, heart, a boxer and other faces, which are sewn into the sweatshirts, t-shirts, and even accessories with exaggerated stitching. Accessories are hand crafted in Umbria by artisans, while the ready to wear looks incorporate luxury fabrics like the same wool used by knitwear brand Brunello Cucinelli. […]
FAI BENE is a 2015 collection by RRUNA, designed in collaboration with Franko B.

a/political - collaboration

22 jan 2015

Franko B is happy to announce his collaboration with a/political.

a/political [áy/pəlittik'l] dedicated to the support and promotion of artists working within a socio-political framework; aiming to elucidate current social and political concerns 1. providing a neutral space free from bias for debate and dialogue around topical issues and aesthetics 2. committed to creating an internationally significant collection of engaged art 3. working alongside selected artists and cultural institutions to produce and promote dynamic global projects.

projects / the project archive showcases dynamic collaborations with selected artists on awards, exhibitions and curatorial projects. a/political endeavours to acquire work from the projects for the collection.

pilot / through this initiative, artists are commissioned to write a text on an area of socio-political interest. the text acts as a form of initial research, clarifying thoughts and opinions around a subject that will be used to underpin an upcoming work or project.

collection / the collection aims to track the history of socio-political art from the beginning of the twentieth century until the present day. reflecting artistic responses to key political events, war and conflict by way of acquisitions, commissions and co-productions, the a/political collection continues to grow at the core of the organisation. crucially, it remains a work in progress, merging the ongoing support of contemporary projects with a politically focused art history.

(Image: Untitled from the Black Period, 2005/06 (c) Franko B)


WOOF WOOF I'M BACK is the first exhibition of my studio work in London in the last four years.

The title of the exhibition is meant to express an optimism, both personal and artistic; affirming that I am still here, still alive.

It presents a new body of my work: a series of around eighty drawings made from wool stitched onto paper. The pieces are inspired by every day life, relationships and news events, as well as references to specific art histories - from the personal to the political and the poetic.

06 February – 27 February 2015

Mayor's Parlour Gallery
First Floor,
Bow House
153 - 159 Bow Road
London E3 2SE

Tuesday to Friday, by appointment Sunday, 12 - 5pm
Telephone: +44 (0) 77 3701 1176


WORK Gallery is pleased to present a group exhibition featuring Franko B., Afshin Dakordi, Neil Gall, Rut Blees Luxemburg, Zadoc Nava, Lucy+ Jorge Orta, Bob and Roberta Smith, all artists who have collaborated with the gallery and its publishing counterpart Black Dog Publishing over the years. 

23rd January - 7th March 2015
Private view Thursday 22 January 2015 6-9pm
Performance by Bob and Roberta Smith playing slide guitar with a pair of pliers and singing a song about voting. All welcome.

10A Acton Street, London WC1X 9NG
Tuesday–Saturday 12.00–6.00 pm

BAD comes from our meeting with the artist Franko B. Through the exchange between Art and handcraft, innovation and tradition, levity and solidity, this project was born, in a unique and limited edition. Boot realized in Black calfskin, with lining in Black calf and Black rubber sole. Laces and zip fastening, maxi-tongue. Enhanced with an embroidery drawn from the artist Franko B.



An exhibition of embroidered works on paper and neon by Franko B.

06 February – 27 February 2015

Mayor's Parlour Gallery
First Floor, Bow House 153 - 159 Bow Road London E3 2SE

Tuesday to Friday, by appointment
Sunday, 12 - 5pm

Telephone: +44 (0) 77 3701 1176

BLOOD - photos

BLOOD - Group exhibition at Science Gallery, Dublin.
24th October 2014 - 25th January 2015.
A series of events runs alongside the exhibition:

You can virtually browse the exhibition here (navigate upstairs to view Franko B's work).

Photographs by Science Gallery Dublin.


This is a/political.
Franko B is proud to announce that some of his work is now part of such collection dedicated to support and promote artist that work in this context .


October 20th - November 2nd, 2014

London, United Kingdom 


Curated by Francesca ALFANO MIGLIETTI

From the 20th of October, the streets of London will be invaded by 31 pieces of contemporary art, created by 18 artists which, by defying the daily urban reality and intermingled with advertising banners, reflect upon the concepts of identity and relationships. 

Tumblr : 

With : Franko B • Letizia Battaglia • Valerio Berruti • Matteo Carassale • Janieta Eyre • Cesare Fullone • Branko Jankovic • Francesco Jodice • Gilivanka Kedzior & Barbara Friedman • Shai Ignatz • Antonio Marras • Sebastiano Mauri • Roman Opalka • Qasim Riza Shaheen • Annalisa Riva • Manuel Vason • Paolo Ventura