MILK & BLOOD - photos

Photographs by James Bullimore of Franko B's performance, MILK & BLOOD at Toynbee Studios, London, 29th July 2015

MILK & BLOOD - photos

Photographs by Hugo Glendinning of Franko B's performance, MILK & BLOOD at a/political, London. 9th July 2015.


Painting the Present

13 Italian artists / 13 Chinese artists

Curated by Alessandro Demma and Fang Zhenning

6th September - 11th October 2015
Opening 5th September, 19:00

Capri, Certosa di San Giacomo
Via Certosa 1

Andrea Aquilanti, Franko B, Magdolo Mussio, Alberto di Fabio, Massimiliano Galliani, Paolo Gonzato, Corinna Gosmaro, Silvia Hell, Mariangela Levita, Marco Neri, Pierluigi Pusole, Alessandro Sarra, Giancarlo Scagnolari

Cang Xing, Chen Haoyang, Chen Wenling, He Wenjue, Huang Ying, Li Di, Li Lei, Liu, Jianfeng, Meng Luding, Tao Na & Cong Xiao, Zhang Yanzi, Zhang Zhaohui, Zhou Yanming


New and recent neon works.
Various sizes.
© Franko b 2015


The Greatest Hits series
Egyptian cotton stitched onto stretched canvas
160 x 140 cm each
© Franko B 2015

MILK & BLOOD - photos

Photographs by Riccardo Attanasio of Franko B's performance, MILK & BLOOD.
Toynbee Studios, London, July 2015

MILK & BLOOD - photos

Photographs by Gianluca Giorgi of Franko B's performance, MILK & BLOOD.
Toynbee Studios, London, July 2015

MILK & BLOOD - drawings by Pato Bosich

Drawings of the performance, MILK & BLOOD by Pato Bosich / DARC
July 2015

MILK & BLOOD - video

Recording of the live-stream of Franko B's performance, MILK & BLOOD at Toynbee Studios, London, 27th July 2015. Broadcast by this is tomorrow

MILK & BLOOD - live stream

Franko B will showcase MILK & BLOOD at Toynbee Studios - his first London performance for over two years. A special performance will be live-streamed by this is tomorrow on 27th July 2015.

Mon 27 July 2015 19:30 - the performance will be available to watch live online at

28th & 29th July - Tickets on sale now to watch the performance at Toynbee Studios, London:

photo by Hugo Glendinning

Internationally recognised as a pioneering performance artist, Franko B will use both his body and a punch bag as democratic tools, embodying notions of the personal, political and poetic. In this unprecedented performance Franko B returns to the seminal aesthetics of the wound. Milk will bleed. Located in Toynbee’s atmospheric Court Room, a former juvenile court, Milk & Blood appropriates the aesthetics of boxing for twelve two minute rounds of mental and physical endurance. Exploring themes of pain, eroticism, revulsion, ecstasy and masculinity, the performance becomes a metaphor for social struggle and the ability to overcome. ‘Looking introspectively, I can truly say that I have successfully wrecked my career as a “bleeding” artist and continued my lust for life thanks to language.’ Franko B

Milk and Blood is supported by Arts Council England and presented in association with a/political